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Stainless Steel (304 vs 316) for CNC machining

We discuss and compare stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316 materials for CNC machining. When to use stainless steel, when not to use stainless steel? We’ll show some surface finishes that we offer at Hubs and finally have a look at our CNC machined stainless steel watch case. 00:00 Intro 00:42 Stainless steel 304 […]

CNC Machine Spare

Brass and Copper for CNC machining (explained)

In this video, we’ll discuss the properties, usages, and surface finishes of the materials brass and copper for CNC machining. We’ll also CNC machine a brass part as well as deburr it. Then, we’ll polish both the copper and brass material parts. 00:00 Intro 01:05 We’ll discuss the history and background of copper and brass.

CNC Machine Spare

Tolerances Explained in CNC Machining (what affects them)

In this video, we’re going to explain tolerances in CNC machining. We’ll go over what the different types of CNC machining are and how they affect tolerances. You’ll learn in detail which parts of the CNC machining process have an effect on tolerances and how to effectively navigate those aspects of the process. This video

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Aluminum 6061 for CNC machining (Explained and Compared)

In this CNC materials video, we show and discuss several parts that were CNC machined using aluminum 6061. We’ll also explain the properties of the CNC machined parts. Furthermore, the different surface finishes and usages of aluminum 6061 parts are mentioned. FREE manufacturing resources – CNC manufacturing and design guide (pdf) http://3dhu.bs/5nRq3o – CNC machining

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CNC Machining Working Videos (must see)

#cncmachiningvideos Download our free guide on CNC machining (pdf) http://3dhu.bs/tqVkpU Or download our CNC machining cost reduction checklist: http://3dhu.bs/MfJPre These 5 CNC machining videos are a must see for any CNC machining or CNC milling fan. We collected some of the best CNC machining videos on YouTube and put them together in a compilation video.

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