Tolerances Explained in CNC Machining (what affects them)

In this video, we’re going to explain tolerances in CNC machining. We’ll go over what the different types of CNC machining are and how they affect tolerances. You’ll learn in detail which parts of the CNC machining process have an effect on tolerances and how to effectively navigate those aspects of the process.

This video is part of a 2-part mini-series on tolerances in CNC machining. The next video will discuss in details some of the problems engineers and designers encounter(and how to solve those) in relation to tolerances and CNC machining.

0:00 Introduction to video on tolerances in CNC machining

0:35 Introduction to CNC machining.

1:09 CNC milling. Here we discuss what CNC milling is and what the benefits and limitations are.

2:09 CNC turning. Here we discuss what CNC turning is and what the benefits and limitations are.

2:55 Next, we’ll talk about the different aspects that affect tolerances, starting with the CNC machining technology.

4:00 Furthermore, we mention how your mechanical design has an impact on tolerances.

4:30 Here we talk about the different CNC machining materials and which one is best for tight tolerances.

5:00 Quantities. Learn how ordering more quantities has an effect on the manufacturing process and tolerances.

6:07 Surface finishes. Finally, we’ll talk about the effect of different surface finishes on tolerances.

6:57 Introduction to part 2: Up soon

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