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STUDER S41 has the WireDress WIRE EDM inside the CNC Grinding Machine

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STUDER S41 from United Grinding has the WireDress WIRE EDM right inside the CNC Grinding Machine.

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  1. Can you please show threading the wire? I've worked with makino and fanuc WEDM 5 axis. Threading the wire and changing heads ect is difficult on those. Changing on this seems so difficult I wouldn't want to use the system. Thanks for a great video

  2. I wish our grinding manager we've had for 25 years knew half what you do. I'm constantly saving his ass! I wire EDM magnet material into pretty cool shapes that he would take forever to make.

  3. They have all the best tech in business under one roof…. they don’t use diamond tooling or else they have a Diamond grinding machine as well… ??great too see all these amazing machines thanks for sharing … I want to see more of that Walter machine u guys got ….

  4. Darn Scott,,the wire sharpen of the diamond wheel is state of the Art's,,I mean it's like a Master Piece of machine meets machine. Look's like mig wire fees & Tig arc all on a Bigger scale (@@) ! That finished part need to be in a Bugggati as a tranny shifter,,Yea!! Thx, Awesome way to start my day watching something cool!! Bear.

  5. it will never be absolute PERFECT… until the deployment of a zero G atmospheric environment is encapsulated within the tool to the work piece. apologies in advance, however the centre mass of the rock we live on dictates the "roundness" of an object… google it. the results of known perfection lie in an environment that removes gravity. Love you Titan, your a true inspiration, would bring the best to the table and would love to work with you one day.

  6. Hi, my question is does the waste stream out of the studer grinder need any special treatment, especially now you are grinding solid carbide? Indeed, how does the machine handle 'chips'?

  7. What is cost of consumables on the Studer Grinder in modus grinding ? And the consumable cost in mode "sharpening" the grinder ? If possible in $/min of running time

  8. I'm trying to talk my boss into buying one of these machines so I can sharpen my pocket knife. Great video, I love it that Titan's videos come out early so I can watch them before work.

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