4 Axis CNC EDM Machine by Neuar

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The HC-60Q from Neuar is a CNC EDM Machine with a compact design that combines three primary components into one single unit: a movable control panel, a di-electrical oil tank (capacity of 400 liters), and a moving column. The moving column and the fixed table design further ensure machining accuracy at high speeds (420 mm3/min). The simultaneous 3-axis and the built-in C-axis support square and circle LORAN and ORBIT machining. This allows work pieces to be processed into various shapes and forms. The working dimensions of the x-, y- and z-axis are 400x300x350 mm respectively

A unique feature of the HC-60Q is the operable front door design. The front door of the oil tank of this EDM Machine can be lowered for clearer observation. The front door comes with oil drain design on the interior. This prevents oil from overflowing when the front door is lowered. Also the oil drain prevents oil from overflowing into the Z axis during processing.

The movable control panel has proven to be highly user-friendly, allowing for easy operation for operators from different backgrounds. Also, NEUAR engineers have designed a dialogue and GM code input function for this EDM Machine Series. It comes with multilingual interface and inch and metric units.

The compact design, 4-axis-capabilities, and the sophisticated operable front door feature make this EDM machine a great addition to a manufacturing plant.

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