ONA for EDM Machines & 3D Metal Printing

Colin & Ana from MTDCNC visit Biemh, a machine tool exhibition in Bilbao Spain to visit world leaders in EDM, ONA, to look at some of the machines they have on their stand. First we see the IRIS4, an 8 axis premium die sinking EDM machine aimed at the aerospace market, with 400 amp generators & graphite electrodes this is a super powerful & accurate EDM machine producing high value intricate parts. It’s new IRIS control with full 3D colour graphics makes this machine very user friendly & easy to program. Next we is the AD35, an entry level wire EDM machine with a simple to use touch screen control with most of the functions of a larger more expensive machine but built to the same high standards of all of ONA’s world class leading machines. If you haven’t used EDM before this machine is a great opportunity to purchase a smaller machine that will cover around 90% of the market needs with all the build quality & technical resources ONA have gained over their 70 years of production. last but by no means least is a new venture for ONA with their SAMYLABS Alba 300 a 3D metal laser printing machine. As you can see it has a very small footprint, the machine can print in aluminium, titanium & nickel alloys to name a few. This machine is perfect for prototyping & difficult to machine parts, basically if you can draw it you can print it. All ONA machines are fully supported in the UK by CNC International, call them now to find out what ONA machines can do for your business.

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