Mitsubishi R-series EDM Machines

“In today’s MTDCNC video, Rowan Easter-Robinson talks with Scott Elsmere at ETG about their Mitsubishi EDM Machine. ETG is a UK based company which provides industry-leading CNC machines, as well as providing solutions for 5-Axis machinery, application engineering, CNC workholding expertise, and CAD-CAM programming software. Scott explains how Mitsubishi is the world’s largest producer of EDM machines, and how over the years they have become both easy to use and also extremely reliable due to the high level of technology used in Mitsubishi products. Scott also explains how Mitsubishi has implemented crucial safeguards and monitoring systems into the machinery, which further improves the ease of use of their machinery. We also take a look at the highly prestigious R series EDM machine, which is set apart from the S series through better cosmetics, a better surface finish, and a 4 fielder system. The R series also incorporates ODO, which stands for Operation Data Output, which allows for accurate reports and data information during the machining process.
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