Laser wood engraving on CNC Milling Machine/ Engraving machine/ Router High-Z CNC-STEP
This video demonstrates cnc engraving on wood. Both photo’s and pictures are being engraved by a 0.7Watt 445nm diode laser mounted on a CNC-Step High-Z S400 cnc machine.

Total engraving time in this video is 2u15 , but by optimising the lasing algorithm (skipping the white parts left and right of tigerhead) the process could be sped up to 1u30.

The laser engraves around 35 dots per second (7mm/sec) and each dot is about 0.2 x 0.2 mm.

Its not SUPERfast, but compare this less then $200 add-on with a $5000 laser engraver and you’ll understand why its slower. Conventional laser engravers use 40 or 60 watt co-2 laser tubes costing +$800 and only have about 1000 hours of burning time. This diode should have between 15000 and 20000 hours.

The cnc and laser-steering is done with an arduino microcontroller because I needed very tight timings in millisecond resolution to turn the laser on or off. Conventional milling controllers are mostly not that tight if you want to use spindle control, because they power on spindle and then give it time to spin up. If you would do that with laser, then you would get nice big burnt spots. The dots in this video all take 12 milliseconds / piece. So around 42% of time machine is burning dots and in 58% of time it is moving.

CNC milling machine/ Engraving machine/Router High-Z CNC-STEP cnc engraver engraving machine end mill speed carving”!!

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