Introduction to Electrical Discharge Machining | Learn to Burn

Welcome to the first episode of the Everything EDM – Learn to Burn series. Zero Tolerance LLC zeroes in on electrical discharge machining (EDM), starting from the basic concepts.

There are many different names for this subtractive manufacturing process: spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking… the list goes on and electrical discharge machining is considered a “non traditional” or “non conventional” machining process. This video, Introduction to Electrical Discharge Machining, will show you how, what, and why.

00:15 Introduction to Zero Tolerance and how they use electrical discharge machining to create their plastic injection molds.
2:14 Beginning the electrical discharge machining process of an intricate mold.
3:37 Using the electrode holder and how it works.
8:43 Continuing the electrical discharge machining process of an intricate mold.
11:24 Quick lesson about how the electrode and voltage create the spark and cut the metal.
13:31 No broken cutters with hardened steel and EDM.
14:01 Thank you and closing

Let us know in the comments any topics you want to see covered on our new series Everything EDM – Learn to Burn. Have questions? Drop them below!

Stay tuned for next month’s episode that will talk all about wire EDM and fast hole EDM.


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