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Cnc Router cutting aluminium – Test high speed

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CNC Router cutting aluminium 6061
Test high speed
CAD by Illustrator
CAM by Artcam
CNC Woodpecker DP1212

Phuc Nguyen DIY | CNC


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  1. Hi everybody! This is just an aluminum cutting test on the bed that has improved my surface. And I'm glad the result was not a mistake. Surely this is not a good solution because the scope of safety is very small, and not for the faint of heart. ? Thank you for watching and commenting!!!

  2. Отлично , подскажите , почему не снимаете верхний слой в листах ? Есть мнения что лист после литьяпроката , находится в "напряжении" и пока не снимешь верхний хотя бы один слой , он не "расслабится".

  3. Instead of putting plastic packers on underside, you’ll create vibration when milling. Clamp straight to bed and leave 0.1 shy of full depth. It’s my job CNC milling ??

  4. Nice vid, although i would like to hear/see it it running at normal speed.
    To me, metal sings, i can hear the right sound and now what is right or wrong.
    I don't need numbers, just normal playback video, i will match the sound 😉
    I can't wait to buy my cnc next month! Been waiting for so many years and finally will have the money.

  5. 4 years later.. but how much does a sheet of metal like that cost.. and how long do those bits last? I would have thought even with water.. those bits would heat up and potentially break.

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