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CNC Machining CUSTOM 3D Printer Parts

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Welcome back to the Design Creativity & Technology Channel. I’m back with another CNC machining video for you all today. These are aluminium replacement parts for a large 3D printer carriage axis. All machined in my garage workshop on my Syil X7 Combo. Hope you are all well? Please stay safe during these trying times.

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Hangsterfer’s 5080 (S787) Coolant by https://livetools.com.au/

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  1. New to cnc, have a basic machine. We are looking to see how we can flip a piece and be able to still cut into it accurately. As of now we are playing with rigs that hold the piece in the same exactly place after it’s cut but we can’t get it to be perfect. In reality we need a 5 axis machine for what we are trying to do.

  2. Hello, I made an appointment with the Syil X7 machine and I would like to know if your machine has the standard configuration. Stepper motors for 3 axes, 5000 rpm spindle, etc.

    I'd also like to know what you think of the machine, the good and the bad, for example, can you use 16mm end milling tools? Is it strong for the manufacture of molds in steel or aluminum? Thank you

  3. Great vid , only thing I’d change is lower the machine volume and increase your voice over, I had the sound up enough to hear what you’re saying and it felt like you machine was in my house haha witch I don’t mind but would be nice to hear you better ?? awesome content though

  4. My OCD triggers when I see people continually gripping off to the side of vice jaws. I'm a middle of the jaw kinda guy, myself. ?
    Finished part looks awesome though.?

  5. I really enjoyed the Fusion commentary and discussion of the tooling and approach. Thanks from Canada. Good stuff. Now I'd love to see the 3D printer these parts are for.

  6. LOL!! Yes…..you're wife's hands are definitely nicer than yours. It's nice to have a wife with small hands…..they make the "part" look so much bigger!! 😉

    My wife's hands are fairly small but not enough to help with the illusion…..a small "part" is a small "part"….. 🙁

  7. Great video Aaron! Loads of great information. This whole lockdown thing has most people going crazy, for me, other than wearing a mask and washing my hands more often, nothing has changed. Some would say I have a very boring life, but it's just the way I like it!

  8. Hey Aaron, love the finish on those parts. You should try the chip breaking drilling cycle for those deep holes. Goes much faster when you limit the number of full retracts to clear chips. Thanks for sharing.

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