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Automatic Tool Changer for CNC Router!!!

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The CNC is set up to make automatic tool changer now!
Sea Chest puzzle boxes coming soon!

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  1. As a fellow cnc .. i have questions as i learn about atc spindle and tool chagers

    1. What software are your running mach?
    2. What changes did you make for atc spindle in you software for spindle and tool..
    Looking for someone to share the electrical and pnematic drawing to set up a system…to vusual what resorce are need hardware what code is required to change in the user interface ie mach etc

    Nobody has a how to setup video very fustrating

  2. The music and vocals are way off, had to turn up and down volume everytime you spoke because music blasted out louder than your voice. Was informative video, but irritating to get through. Keep producing info, lose the music and you'll rock out good quality content.

  3. Nice! ATC is most convenient. I'm using it on one of my machines and thinking about upgrading the smaller one, to be able to perform automatic probing on workpieces as well. Don't know what you're using for CAM, but i have a FANUC compatible controller that doesn't need an M6 to perform a toolchange, just T1 or T5 and it changes the tool. When using Fusion360, i need to uncheck the 'preload tools' feature, (this feature lists all the used tools in the gcode) with this feature enabled it just goes through all the tools before it starts machining and starts the program with the offset of the wrong tool . You might want to make your flags for homing more stable or protect them from bending/moving. It will bite you in the arse sooner or later.

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