Yornew MX220 Mini CNC Milling Machine For Best Maker CNC Tool, Processing Mounting Plate

In this video, we used MX220 Mini CNC Milling Machine, which is our Newest Product in 2022, to processing mounting plate for customer as a sample. This machine is in bench top size but can comes with 3, 4 or 5 axis as options. https://www.miumachine.com/mx220.asp

Yornew Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the famous manufacturer of affordable CNC machines and CIM&FMS Industry 4.0 equipment for education. Our company was started because we felt there was a real need among entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, and hobbyists to enter the world of CNC manufacturing and CNC, CIM&FMS industry 4.0 education . Through our website, manuals, training, software, tooling, and engineered accessories, we are working to make CNC machining and built CIM&FMS Industry 4.0 equipment easy to learn and productivity quick to achieve. Yornew try to make mini or small safe equipment relative to big industrial equipment in order to more educational agency and people can buy the advance equipment with limited budget, limited space. Yornew applauds the innovators among us and is dedicated to providing the tools they need to support their ambitions. the small CNC machines are suitable for maker,teachingaids,prototype,garagecnc,maker

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