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Yornew Low Cost CK140 Bench Top CNC Lathe With Auto Tools Changer

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CK140 Bench Top CNC Lathe Machine for education, Training and hobby use, It comes with 4 position auto turret and industrial NC controller, It can also be modified to pneumatic chuck
Hands on experience is a key part in STEM education, and CNC machines for education facilities are a great way to obtain that experience. Not only can students design up the parts, but they can also make their ideas come to life!
Access to tools and machines can often be very difficult for schools and educational facilities to get their hands on. Yornew offers CNC machines for education to overcome those boundaries. Students find these machines and the software to be very descriptive and easy to learn. When space becomes limited in the classroom, Yornew’s take up a fraction of the space a larger machines takes up.
There’s no rule that says machine tools have to be unwieldy and expensive. Nor does it say that mills and lathes in the classroom should be low-powered and incapable in the real world of manufacturing. Yornew machinery is proof that educational tools can both capable and approachable.
Hundreds of schools and college,universities have already realized the enabling power of CNC machine equipment for educational purposes. Watch what a few of them had to say about using our machine tools in their classrooms in Yornew channel.

Yornew Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the famous manufacturer of affordable CNC machines and CIM&FMS Industry 4.0 equipment for education. Our company was started because we felt there was a real need among entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, and hobbyists to enter the world of CNC manufacturing and CNC, CIM&FMS industry 4.0 education . Through our website, manuals, training, software, tooling, and engineered accessories, we are working to make CNC machining and built CIM&FMS Industry 4.0 equipment easy to learn and productivity quick to achieve. Yornew try to make mini or small safe low cost equipment relative to big industrial equipment in order to more educational agency and people can buy the advance equipment with limited budget, limited space. Yornew applauds the innovators among us and is dedicated to providing the tools they need to support their ambitions.

Visit our website: https://www.miumachine.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TypicallyCNC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yornew_cnc
WhatsApp: +8615916123639


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  1. Why not just put a ballpark price in the video description so that we viewers can at least have an idea whether it is an affordable machine for us or not. I don't want to write an email to know whether I should consider buying it lol

  2. I visited your website and it’s all about Chinese or Japanese language. Why don’t you provide the information in English on your website?? I wanna buy from you but prove me wrong you ain’t another scam!!

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