Which is the Best CNC for You? Avid CNC or Phantom CNC?

I wanted to do this video on my journey into CNC and what I wish I had know before I got too deep into CNC. The machines are a huge investment so I want to help by sharing my experience with both a “bolt together” style CNC and a welded frame CNC. If we are going to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on equipment, I want to make the right decision the first time. I did not. But that is fine, maybe you will make the best decision for you with the help of this info. This is my knowledge of the @Avid CNC and the @Phantom CNC Systems pro level machines and what I found to be good’s and bad’s of both by owning and using both. Neither company gave me machines of money for this video. I have owned both machines myself and have used both systems for hobby and production runs. Let’s dive in.

Check out Avid CNC:

Check out Phantom CNC Systems:

Omer Composite Nail Guns:

Composite Raptor Nails:


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