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Which is the Best CNC for You? Avid CNC or Phantom CNC?

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I wanted to do this video on my journey into CNC and what I wish I had know before I got too deep into CNC. The machines are a huge investment so I want to help by sharing my experience with both a “bolt together” style CNC and a welded frame CNC. If we are going to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on equipment, I want to make the right decision the first time. I did not. But that is fine, maybe you will make the best decision for you with the help of this info. This is my knowledge of the @Avid CNC and the @Phantom CNC Systems pro level machines and what I found to be good’s and bad’s of both by owning and using both. Neither company gave me machines of money for this video. I have owned both machines myself and have used both systems for hobby and production runs. Let’s dive in.

Check out Avid CNC:

Check out Phantom CNC Systems:

Omer Composite Nail Guns:

Composite Raptor Nails:


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  1. Thanks for all the info. I've had 5×10 avid for a about 3 years now and I'm seriously considering selling it for a phantom. I have to many issues with chattering and accuracy.

  2. This is a super well put together video! If I would live in the US, I would now know what to to. But I am in Germany so I need to figure it out myself and find some good machines here.

    I think my first machine will be something for 8 – 10k, because the work I want to do doesn't really require more at the beginning and when more customers come in who knows. Something like your Phantom looks super sexy! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Hi,we are a manufacure of CNC woodworking machinery and we also do second hand machinry business, nowadays we have a number of used engineering /construction equipment & woodworking equipment on sale .hope to work with you.

  4. 7:40 – very easy to ad rigidity and mass. Some laser cut sheet metal panels bolted to the base for example. Still a negative point but if ur running the machine like that you can easily make it work better for you.

  5. Wanted to make sure I understood…it’s around $19,500 for the unit, then another $1,500 or so for the vacuum system, correct? This was a great video for someone looking to enter the industry as a brand new beginner. If I can bypass some learning curves, I appreciate any help I can find!

  6. One reason for phantom to be cheaper than shopsabre is that shopsabre uses a Mitsubishi controller, motors and drives. Hsd spindle. While phantum uses an unknown chinese weihong controller, delta drives, motors. Unknown air spindle.

  7. Great video Nick, very well done for the newbs looking to jump in. I know u only have these two machines, just curious if you have any experience with shopbot and Shop Sabre. They both seem to have the rigid frames? Also, I wanted an ATC as well as indexing and a vertical clamping for edge work for things like dovetails. ShopBot and ShobSabre both do this…any thoughts?

  8. Good video, informative, valid points. However when it comes to weight, whether it's for humans or machines, weight is rarely a good thing. This is usually a sign of poorly engineered, low cost designs. If it was true Ferrari', Porsche' would be built like a tanks. Engineering a light, stiff, reliable, accurate machine costs money…

  9. Lol you are a clown , “this is a pro level Cnc” no dude it’s not it’s a cheaply made Chinese toy. You are not a pro, you are a ghetto Etsy you tuber. Pro level machines cost 100 times what both of those shit boxes do. Just shut up you don’t have a clue what your talking about and have no right to be handing down advice as if it’s law

  10. Many Influence rs on youtube talk about all the knowledge building the Avid gives you and helps you understand how to run it. When I buy a car, knowing how it's made will not help me drive it. Phantom has machines that are priced competitive and have all the accessories you could ask for. I'm not a mechanic and don't want to be one. I'll stick to assembled tools.

  11. Thanks you for the information. I have not reached the height of needing such of a machine yet..But for sure I like the phantom machine much better now.

    My question to you is, can you also do Aluminum cut and if what are the thickness etc.. I looked at the websites and it didn’t say anything about this.

    Again thank you

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