TSP #200 – Carvera (Makera) 4-Axis CNC Machine with Automatic Leveling, Tool Changer & Laser Review

In this episode Shahriar reviews an ambitious new CNC machine currently offered on Kickstarter. The machine is equipped with automatic tool changer, automatic probing & leveling, built-in dust collection, optional fourth axis and integrated laser engrave module. The review of the pre-production model focuses on the units capabilities along with high-precision PCB experiments. You can access the Kickstarted campaign here:


This review is organized as follows:

00:00 – Introductions and expectations
01:22 – Machine overview, constriction, tablet holder, work area
03:23 – Automatic tool changer design & operation
04:30 – Automatic probing and leveling system
06:11 – Movement mechanism, precision & accuracy, built-in laser, z-axis
09:37 – Optional fourth axis module
10:23 – Included accessories, bit changer tool, collet tool
10:56 – Built-in dust collector
11:33 – CNC interface software, G-code, features & work flow
15:03 – High precision measurement of the x-axis accuracy & repeatability
17:34 – 3.5GHz filter design from Gerber to G-Code, CNC operation
21:18 – Filter PCB and high precision examples after CNC, microscope view
23:23 – Filter measurements & comparison with simulation
24:27 – Homemade oil-bath for FR4 CNC dust protection
24:56 – Manufacture example of PCB with solder-mask
25:38 – Laser engraving example of photo-realistic sample
26:32 – Automatic level & laser engraving of soft materials
27:55 – Conclusions & future plans



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