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Tips and Tricks on making Wooden Toys using a CNC router

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Here you can see some other projects: https://www.instagram.com/struganki/
In this video I walk you through my method of making Wooden Toys – from design to finish. To cut out the parts I use CNC router and describe in great detail double sided machining, which helps to make contour of the parts very clean and free from supports. As a result I get almost finished part right from my CNC! Then later I apply a bit of sanding to remove residual imperfections, paint parts if necessary, apply a couple of layers of beeswax with polishing at the end. Hope you’ll find some useful tips here, which you can use in your projects!

Using this method I get very high quality toys which look amazing and smell like honey 🙂

Link to the original video describing stock fixation: https://youtu.be/ub6PsY4cgwg

another link to our projects:

Our store is on hold now.. but you can have look on it too: https://www.etsy.com/shop/struganki


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  1. Fantastic video! Really like how you rounded the edges using the CNC. Also like how most of the parts come out of the CNC completed with little to no further tooling required. Fantastic planning and utilization of the CNC machine which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  2. Wow! You are very knowledgeable & talented!
    I learned a lot from watching you & listening to your explanations! Great video!! And, I don’t even know how to make anything from wood, but now I wish I could learn! Thank you!

  3. dear sir
    could you help me please my son who will be 4 yrs old Aug 29th he wants a certain toy he want a tow behind gas powered cement mixer round drum like brick layer use. brucebonkowski60@gmail.com can you help me cut a the plans

  4. Hi, I make toys too, and I´m looking for a cnc, I need a machine used from paper to metal, could you recomend some for me please, I start with an Epilog laser that works great and I need evolution so since I follow your tutorials I have more ideas, thanks for that.

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