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CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling: Custom Keychains (Tormach 1100MX)

Realtime and timelapse video of CNC milling a special-ordered custom keychain. We used adaptive clearing and contour cutting strategies. Need a custom car part designed and milled? We can 3D scan the original part, re-design it in CAD, and then mill a stronger and lighter version from 6061 aluminum! (Send us a message at […]

CNC Routers

The CNC was not Designed for this!

Using the big DIY concrete CNC machine in ways we couldn’t have foreseen! The other part of this CNC video here: To see how this CNC is made watch this: For more videos on the CNC check out this playlist: APOLOGY relating to the grinding wheel: I’m super grateful to Baltic Abrasives,

CNC Wood Cutting Machine

Hobo Nickel board for master engraver Aleksey Saburov. BroinwooD. CNC wood Inlay.

Wood: walnut, maple, cherry, yellowheart. Aleksey Saburov website Instagram How to find inlay parameters. How to find inlay parameters. Feed rate v bit 30ipm ??? Feed rate flat nose 1/8 40ipm ??? For orders go to Check out our Instagram page email: ???Here some stuff which I

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