3018 review

CNC Machine Spare

3018 CNC Router – Spindle & Gantry Upgrade

▶My Fusion 360 Course: https://www.thehardwareguy.co.uk/fusion-360-for-beginners ▶▶Become a Member, get EXTRA content: https://www.thehardwareguy.co.uk/membership ▶▶▶3D Model Files: https://www.thehardwareguy.co.uk/download-3d-models Following last weeks video, today I upgrade the 3018 CNC machine in order to improve it’s capabilities. I upgrade the existing 100W spindle motor to a 300W spindle motor. I also increase the gantry height to by 80mm, gaining

CNC Machine Spare

Beginners guide to desktop CNC software

What software should I use??? Well this video explains some of the different CNC software required at each stage to get your ideas into from your head into real life CNC pieces. Intro 00:00 Process 01:30 Free design and CAM software 02:45 Best design software 08:08 Control software 13:55 Laser software 17:41 Vector software 18:35

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