Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets with a CNC Router

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We have some dark and dingy cabinets in our kitchen. It’s pretty easily the biggest eye sore on our property. I had the idea that before painting them we could take the doors off and route a design into them with the CNC table, hopefully dressing them up a little bit. I learned pretty quickly this wasn’t going to work, as the first door I tried this on revealed big voids in the wood. But I liked how the design looked, so I decided to buy some new sheets of 3/4″ baltic birch, which I knew would be much better for machining, and cut all new cabinet doors for the kitchen. Kelly had the idea of replacing a vent under the sink with a piece with an inlaid design, which she hand drew on her iPad and I cut on the CNC table. Once we had all the new doors hung, we got to work painting. Lastly, we installed new pulls and knobs and finished off the project by installing some LED lighting under the cabinets. We did this project on the cheap, the total cost was around $500, but it really changed how the kitchen looks and turned it into a lot nicer space.


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