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Perfect Foam Cutting Results From Your CNC Every Time

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If you cut a lot of foam on your CNC or if you want to – this CNC tip will help you ensure that you get the best possible results. Thanks to Amana Tool and their excellent line of CNC Foam Cutting Bits, you can get professional results every time!

For more information on Stepcraft, please visit www.stepcraft.us or email info@stepcraft.us


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  1. huh, that's interesting. it's usually the other way around with machining. climb cut leaves a better finish but conventional causes less chatter and is easier on the machine

  2. Thank you. Currently machining foam inserts for a knife display case and am running into the messy cut edges. Tried all kinds of different bits.

    Edit: I have the same kind of bit except it’s an upcut, and it still works great.

  3. eres la primer persona que me desasna sobre esto, voy a ver y tratar de que alguien me traduzca vuestras palabras para saber si interpreté bien. Muchas gracias saludos desde Argentina

  4. That is a good looking cut Erick! Nice to hear you on the channel. What foam were you cutting there and how were you clamping/securing the foam to the table? I typically use XPS because it is stiff enough to clamp with a toe clamps. Would be nice to be able to cut more open cell foams like the one in this video.

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