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Mini Metal CNC Lathe Home – Made in Germany – with Mach3 – with turn metric thread M6

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Buying by Ebay Germany Nr. 195433829009

Die Maschine wird nun bei Ebay Deutschland verkauft Artikel Nr 195433829009


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  1. I like it. A nice minimalist design and well executed. If you need to turn out a bunch of a certain small part that could be perfect for a quick and easy machine like this. You could even marry a few of these in sequence with some simple parts handling to mimic the capability of a much larger, expensive machine.

  2. Great work, I am very impressed by the threading. Amazing finish, did you have any problems using pillow blocks for the spindle, or are they special in any way. Enjoyed , cheers!

  3. I don't imagine the plummer-block bearings in their housings would be rigid enough to prevent chatter whilst turning steel given there is a small clearance fit between bearing & housing to allow for alignment… ?
    Nice little lathe though !


  4. very interesting build, gave me some ideas of my own.
    one tip from a experienced CNC machinist, even if it "just plastic" never ever! put your fingers near a working machine use anything except a body part, have good safety routine from the start so it become second nature. there are many "i know what i'm doing" that has one finger less in our profession and even if it's a small machine do not underestimate the harm it can do.

  5. The most impressive thing here is how you managed to do the threadding.
    Since you use a hall sensor for RPM on the spindle, I don't think you use a stepper motor or any fine encoding, so how you made the spindle do such precise movements is beyond me 🙂

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