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Learning to run a CNC-lathe

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Thought I would share some of this with you! This is the first time I’ve written a G71 code.


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  1. I handled a similiar lathe as a demo. This was back in 1985. Writing g-code is like programming a computer in assembler — a royal pain. It is not as difficult as it is brain-consuming. Well done. I learned a few instructions and then said "if I have to I will learn this, but not otherwise." At that point in my life I had learned over 10 computer language and two assemblers. I thought that was enough. Today's interfaces make it easier, at the expense of learning the modeling software. "But that's idiot-proof.," you say. Oh no. That is an enormous underestimate of the number of idiots in this world.

  2. It's possible that the control was made by Beijing-FANUC Mechatronics, a joint venture of FANUC and the Beijing Machine Tools Research Institute.

  3. i remember my first cnc lathe, harrision vhs 450, fanuc control, think it was a fanoc 0 control, very old school but managed just about anything i could throw at it, brings back memories 😀

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