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John Kosa Customer Success Story – CNC Router Reviews – Legacy CNC Woodworking Machinery

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Meet John Kosa, a faithful legacy customer, and learn his CNC Router Story! Hear the passion he has for woodworking and how he turned that into a cnc woodworking CNC business! He performs cnc wood carving and wood cnc projects for retiring veterans.

Full Interview Here – https://vimeo.com/469847494

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  1. I can't see any of the things that was said to click on. I would love to see your work. Can you please send me your link so I can see what you do? I'm sure it's all beautiful. My husband and I totally support you and the Marines, Navy and all branches of first responders whether military or national such as firefighters, Police officers, EMTs or whomever. Thank you all for your service!!!! And to the veterans, We love you dearly.

  2. John, Thank you for this inspiring video. I am really wanting to go forward with the purchase of a Maverick 3.5 Pro. Your video helps so much and also one from Mike Nugent. Very important information to know. Thank you again!

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