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How to Make Plywood & Melamine Furniture on CNC Router

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Our applications engineer Eric Hordyk provides a detailed look at how to make a cabinet and chair on our AXYZ Innovator CNC router using plywood and melamine.


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  1. Hey buddy. Thx for the vid. I'm having a major headache with my cnc. I'm cutting mdf boards for kitchen cabinets and most of the time, like 8 out of 10 cuts, the laminate chips off from where the bit enters and a lot of times where the ramps end and inbetween. I use mostly 6 and 8 millimeter downcut bits. I've tried to avoid the ramps, but it chips off the laminate from the other side. I've also tried different entry points and that didn't help. My feed rates are around 3k/min and plunge rates are a little less. I'm using aspire for modeling and mach 4 hobby for g code. The cnc machine has some years on it, but I don't want to jump to that conclusion yet. Could you give some advice on that or maybe direct to an honest forum? I think I have about three weeks until I'm sacked.

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