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How to build A CNC machine _ DIY CNC mill

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This is full video on how to build CNC machine at home. This CNC mill is very rigid it has very high accuracy. It has zero backlash.

Here are some info on build.

Build time: About 500 hours.
Build cost: About $4500

Z : 11″ ( 27.9 cm )
X: 22″ (55.88 cm)
Y: 12″ (30.48cm)

5.5 KW ATC BT30 18000RPM from Ebay. ( very happy with it) seller is super nice guy.



BOB: PMDX 424. https://www.pmdx.com/PMDX-424
Spindle speed control: PMDX 407. https://www.pmdx.com/PMDX-407
Stepper motors : Nema 34 1275oz-in
Drivers: DM860d from Ebay



20 mm Raills for X,Y and Z

Ball screws:
Y ball screw is 20mm
X Z ball screws are 16mm

Bellows style Ruland coupling with zero backlash .

Y Axis
24″ x 14″ X 4″( 64 X 35.5 X 10.1 cm )
Material 1.25″ X 4″ ( 3.1 X 10.1cm )steel

X Axis
35″ X 11″ ( 88 X 28 cm )
Material .500″ (12.7mm) base plate
1.25″ X 3″ walls

Z column
35″ x 8″ X 4″ ( 88.9 X20.3 X 10.1 cm) tube with .500″ (12.7mm) wall thikness
filled with cement.

Aluminum sheet and angle.


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  1. Awesome Pro machine you got there. I am intending to make my self a small CNC machine for the use in the apartment. Seems to be able to make it I will need first some Chinese CNC than on it make upgrades to be able to make parts to make my own CNC. I will have to use aluminum though. I wish it gets like 1/10th stable as yours is. It will way smalle so it will be less of a challenge to. Seeing yours made me first happy to see someone builds something so cool and then sad while I do not have access to such tools to make one plus no space to have such a nice beast. Awesome work.

  2. how can you have a metal capable milling machine and still 3d print door handles, they need to be machined aluminium or brass, flex on the non metal mill guys lol

  3. Тоже делаю станки себе с использованием сварки. Но я произвожу температурный отпуск перед фрезеровкой. (правда требуется огромная печь для этого).
    п.с. Ну и обязательно шабером довожу поверхность под рельсы!

  4. Вау ! Уважаемый ! Ты просто ранишь воображение !!!! Это эмоции Колоссальная робота Вот что значит: МУЖИК задумал – МУЖИК -воплотил Мои наилучшие пожелания Творческих успехов и свершений !

  5. A machine needs to be pretty chunky to be able to reach speeds, feeds and depth of cut that gets a job out in a reasonable time.
    I wonder when they are going to make steel extrusions similar to the aluminum ones…
    Wont be as rigid as this masterpiece but …
    That will cut the cycle time and stress down quite a bit on the work I have to now do on a China 6040

  6. Wondahvah Capitan! Spend some more money and get copper sheeting. Would have liked seeing you match that other clamp and seen the X worm screw cover etc. made. You say Sero Backlash and then put $$$$. How much Rubles or Yuan or U.S. greenback toilet paper is in this thing with 2019-2020 money. Money only, but you could throw a pizza and a few cases of beer and Coke. I have 20 years CNC, Rockwell. Stolle Tool & Die, General Dynamics, Standby Screw, Siemens, Programming, fixture making, steak barbecue cooking, no CAD (on the fly ) [ buzz buzz ] , lead man over two CNC Depts. I miss it, got ill, starting to get better. Jumping in part time soon. Get getting my blood warmed up. Need most all tools. Lost all in a home demolishing. It actually happened. Still have to sue.
    Other than that if I had one of these at home, I'd get in trouble. Made a 45lb. cannon out of cold roll dad brought home from the shop, 7th grade. It is great.Blow your hair back and punch ya in the chest. Have a nice life, hope you get great jobs and plenty.
    From can A4 tool and die to the M1A2 Abrams turret and hull machining with 3 months crossdrives.
    One more please. On the spindle cooler. Do they make them where the coolant run through them all the time and when using tool coolant a bypass by G code for both, with good filtering of course? I get the Patent. Split it with ya.

  7. Hi! Very nice project you made here! It was so interesting to watch its progres from start to finish. One think, i wander; The cooler radiator may need fan holes to plywood in back round.. What you think? All in all, You are the master maker..!!! : )

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