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High precision air bearing CNC lathe and grinder

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Home built high precision air bearing CNC lathe and grinder having 1um (0.00004″) accuracy.


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  1. Good day I presented his air pillow lathe on our forum and various observations were unleashed.

    a) of what the mand however to the X and Z moves under the push of the tool.

    b) At what pressure the cushions work.

    How much air consumes the spindle and all the complete lathe

    Thanks for a welcome answer


    Giuseppe Crimi

  2. that air bearing is very interesting. ? there is nothing like watching the air bearing in action compared to someone explaining the concept. ? thanks smart Dan.

  3. i think i figured out something interesting about building structures by watching your videos, can u please tell me if i'm correct, and if there are any exceptions to this thinking :-
    1. if the only purpose of a structure is to be stiff ( i.e., to have a low deflection per unit load), then, i can join the building blocks of the structure, using just hardware shop epoxy. (ex – machine frames like this).
    2. if a structure is meant to bear load to its max capability without breaking then i have to use welding. (ex – bridges and buildings). stiffness and deflection become unimportant.
    3. since most machine structures are meant to be stiff , but not strong. an epoxied structure would make more sense as welded structures would cause more problems (warping, internal stresses, etc) than an epoxy glued structure.
    4. its better to make a machine structure by gluing with epoxy than by welding.
    5. people who are building machine frames/structures by welding steel are wrong.
    6. another method : using only screws and nuts ( threaded mating parts) to build the structure. i'm wondering if this method has the advantages of both epoxy structures and welded structures. is it better than both, or comes second to epoxy.
    7. how about using both epoxy and screw , will it give both stiffness and strength?

    Thanks in advance. i've learnt so much from you.

  4. 你好 丹,您所有的回复我全部看完了。其中有一条是关于中国产大理石构件的信息,如果您需要从中国采购此类物资。我很乐意帮忙。

  5. Great stuff! I am currently interested in aerostatic vs hydrostatic spindle bearings for precision machining. If anyone wants to unload their thoughts on that, feel free 😉

  6. "Bearings, very cheap from eBay, only couple of hundred bucks each" > for average reader, very cheap is two orders of magnitude off that and many have lathes that cost as much as only those bearings. 😀

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