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Heavy Duty Lathe/Heavy Duty Precision Lathe/Lathe Machine/CNC Lathe/Lathe Video by 聖僑資訊 S&J Corp.

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  1. Black & White in US want to laundry moneys by Machine Shops . Soviet (Super Of Viet) give them all kind machineries, Mt'l to do all Fake Parts . Moneys form laundry go right to the Stocks . Stocks are number even my dog understand but White & Black people don't .

  2. Already discover 99.999 % Industries in US or whole World do Fake works . Just need a very little thinking you can see all videos about Machine shops who ever post on Youtube all are very lack .

  3. If you are interesting in this machine, please feel free to contact us
    (sorry this video is upload by video maker, so we cannot leave the our website address and email address),
    please try to search "L&L" and "Lathe" in youtube.
    You will find our YOUTUBE channel, and it will include more our outstanding machine video.

  4. I want one!! I have no idea what I would make with it though but would like to see it in action. Last time I saw a cool machine like this they wouldn't let me near it!!! Just as well I guess being visually impaired.

  5. @ryobiguy doesn't matter what you think, you're not the one signing the cheques. If you ARE the guy signing the cheques, then I pity your staff for having to work with someone who is so easily swayed from facts by small, unimportant things

  6. ryobiguy, I am not a complete idiot.. The machine was not turned on when I was standing right next to it, and at the end I was well clear too, so no danger of having my head ripped off. But I appreciate your concerns for my safety…..Nick

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