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Getting Started Guide for Laser Cutting

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Welcome to the exciting world of laser cutting! For all those makers out there looking to start creating with a laser cutter, this tutorial will have the basic information you need to get started! We recently added a Laser Cutting Service to our site, so everyone can start making with a laser cutter!

The full guide: https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/getting-started-with-laser-cutting-tutorial.html

Core Electronics is located in the heart of Newcastle, Australia. We’re powered by makers, for makers. Drop by if you are looking for:

Maker Services https://core-electronics.com.au/services.html

Last Cutting Services https://core-electronics.com.au/services/laser-cutting.html


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  1. Hi dear sir m from India but currently m doing job in Kuwait as a laser cutting operator and I want to to come in USA for job and also I know AutoCAD design if you can give me some opportuniti so I will be happy and I wish you reply me please reply me

  2. Don't know if you still read comments but how can you know where it is gonna cut ? Like if you put something small and wanna laser cut it, how do you set the laser on particular points of it. Like a pen or an iphone case anything this style

  3. what is the name of the software you use again I am having troubles with lightburn and is this software possibly free. I am trying to get my business up and running but with the software lightburn it's very hard to manage to get the same results

  4. Just a thought, I’ve been looking at laser cutting, and 3D printing with resin.
    Knowing that printing with resin produces fumes that are potentially volatile, it may not be a good idea to laser cut in the same vicinity.????

  5. Put one of these new laser cutters upright.. Put a computer controlled rotating plate in front of it.. Put a plate behind that to stop the laser… Write a program to rotate the plate the desired amount when cutting… Adjust the intensity of the laser via a program for cut depth.. 3d laser cutter…

    Combine 3d laser cutter with 3d printer into one nice tidy device…

    Print solid object cut out parts of it.. Or add details via the laser…

    It would definitely work.. I'm a 3d modeller.. And I know you can etch details by turning..

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