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FANUC ROBOT CELL | How To Compete & CNC Machine 100,000 Medical Parts Lights Out

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  1. If it's going to be lights out operating how do you control the chips. Have run this machine and biggest problem was handling the chips. Coolant tanks will have floaters which block the screens cutting off Coolant flow.

  2. I hope the robots will need implants (or medical care) because they will be the only ones with a job in the future.

    When the people stop making money then there will be no more buying power ergo no more product demand if no body can buy it.

    I love technology but I am worried about where it is going to take us.

    Beautiful setup, that is a talented machinist/programmer.

  3. five years ago we had 22 max employees per shift in our machining department. since then we have added two automatic lines and near fully automated eight of the other 10. we now have average 45 employees per shift. we still need people who can understand fanuc robot equipment, and understand using the robots, and understand how to operate the cnc equipment minimally, and make them interact together. in order for us to keep up with cheap overseas labor, but yet still earn a reasonable, family sustaining, future building wage; robotics were necessary. they keep production consistent and efficient and competitive, they help keep quality consistent and clean, and most importantly to everyone, they lower comp cases way down. plus they're heccin' fun to work with once you get the hang of them and from my experience fanuc 'bots are extremely versatile.

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  5. The most fast way is to die-cast this parts, and then cnc only size important surfaces, this way it will be several times faster and will save more then half of material cost.

  6. I would love to know how much is a set up like that cost including all of the robotics? You need to figure out your machining cost per our including machine payments. What is the hourly rate on a machine like this???

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