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Engraving/Cutting Acrylic with a CNC

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Using a ShopBot, this training will demonstrate how to successfully engrave acrylic. Areas covered will include bit selection, feeds/speeds, toolpathing, types of material and cutting through the acrylic. Several projects will be cut and demonstrated.


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  1. You did not use tabs that i could see and yet you were able to do last pass on the items for good finish without it jumping all over the place, i did not see how you secured the acrylic so well, great info thanks

  2. Very nice job on topic arrangement. Nice Delivery. I don't have a shopbot but I do have a pretty nice homemade machine. I also run Aspire software with some Vectrics add on's. I have purchased many bits from Think and Tinker. I like them. I will use your suggestions for the single flute O bit and the flat tip V's. Could you provide the name of material and source for the two color plastic used for the name badges in the video. Thanks again

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