CNC Wire Bending Machine | IP Automation

IP Automation – leading in CNC wire bender innovation and wire forming automation cells

The highest quality CNC wire benders made in the USA . Easy to program Intellibend software with 3D simulator | Low maintenance and precise control with our all servo motor design | Engineering and service technicians highly experienced in wire forming applications | Easily configurable for robot integration-Fanuc authorized integrator.

i-S series CNC single head wire formers for wire diameters 2mm-16mm
i-SC series Compact CNC single head wire benders for wire diameters 2-8.5mm
i-S² series Dual Turret CNC single head wire benders for wire diameters 2.5-13mm
i-D series Double head CNC wire formers available for wire diameter 2-10 mm
i-D-MS Multi-stage CNC wire former models with high efficiency simultaneous bending on upper and lower forming stations. Wire diameters 1.5-6mm
i-H series 2D CNC wire bending models for wire diameters from 2mm- 13 mm

Designed with robotic and secondary operations in mind. Specialists in robotically integrated Cells with Welding, Swaging, Piercing, Machining, Threading, Chamfering, and Inspection.


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