CNC Super Glue Fixturing: Cheap, Reliable Workholding!

Super Glue Workholding Techniques! This strategy provides access to all sides of the part without introducing flex. This video covers how to use this workholding technique on various materials, tips, tricks, and more!

Fixturing Quick Reference Guide:

00:00 Intro to Super Glue Workholding
00:55 Super Glue + Tape: Painter’s or High Temp Powder-Coat Tape
02:41 How to Remove Super Glue From Parts
03:07 Small Parts, Surface Area, and Tabbing
03:39 Non-Angular Parts & Pocket Fixtures
04:18 Full Part Profile Access & Getting More Out of Your Material
05:00 Super Glue on Wooden Subplate – Machining Renshape
05:51 No Vise, No Fixture, No Flex!
06:43 Mistakes to Avoid
07:32 Machining Multiple Parts and Using Strips of PET Tape to Hold Large, Thin Parts
08:07 Chris from Clickspring & Outro
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