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CNC Router Bits Explained: The Best Bit To Use

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CNC router bits can be confusing. In this video, I explain and show the differences between an upcut, downcut, and compression bit.

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Upcut Bit – https://bit.ly/3qeBEFE
Downcut Bit – https://bit.ly/37FZns2
Short Flute Compression Bit – https://bit.ly/3Iqd8HL

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  1. Does SpeTool have specs for the spiral change? I don't see any info on this on their up/down bits. If there isn't a spec given can you just use a micrometer to measure the bit on where the change occurs? I would assume it would be visually obvious on where this is on the bit. If we're still on track here, Is that value then used for the routers plunge rate?

  2. Is it possible to reverse the rotation direction to turn an up cut bit to a down cut bit?
    Also, can you do the first top pass with a down cut but and then do the bottom pass with an up cut bit?

  3. Andy – Shapeoko owner for 3 yrs now. Both my 1/4" upcut and downcut bits are discolored and I assume are getting dull. Time to replace them. I like your video on "Best bit to use" and I have a question. You show the Max Depth as .52000" for both bits. Bits&Bits shows the max cut length of 1". Why are your depths so conservative?

  4. Great video, bro.
    Very informative.
    Just wondering: Do you use a spoil board on your machines?
    It seems that you are obliged to replace the machine bed slats – on a regular basis, otherwise.

  5. I have a project that needs a triangle cut out of the center with sharp corners so I am thinking of using my 10degree engraving bit to clean up the last bit of the pocket. Any other suggestions? I cant find any videos on using engraving bits on the CNC for wood and super fine detail. My tapered ball nose wound work here…has to reach .505 down before cutting a .180 deep clearing. Hmmmm

  6. Can you use a downcut bit for the first pass and then go to an upcut bit for the final pass through the part as a way to get get a clean top and bottom surface, or will the chips being ejected on the last pass with the upcut cause issues with the top edge of the part?

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