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CNC Machining a Propeller on a 5 Axis CNC Machine #shorts

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Incredible CNC Machine. CNC Machining a 5 Axis Propeller with Impressive Mastercam Toolpaths

#shorts #CNC #Machining #Machinist


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  1. The cutter "singing" is proof enough that having the machines does not mean you know how to use them.
    Go back to basics and learn how to use milling cutters correctly, the cutter manufacturers should be able help you.

  2. Сколько металла в труху… почему нельзя отлить болванку близкую к необходимой форме, а затем выполнить постобработку? Слишком просто?

  3. What could possibly use that as a propeller

    It would have to be something very small without much velocity like a trolling motor but even that it expect the fins to be larger…

    … Or this could just be a demonstration and not have a real application at all

  4. man I had a dream about a machine like this. the one in my dream was way cooler looking but holy shit I did not think this actually existed.

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