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CNC Lathe – Turning a Chess Rook by Glacern Machine Tools

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Glacern Machine Tools

Turning a rook chess piece out of 2.5″ diameter 6061 aluminum bar stock on a Mori Seiki NL2500SY-700 CNC Turning Center, utilizing the Y-axis, C-axis, and live tooling.


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  1. They do this to show the high precision of chuck, and gentle holding of working piece. After reinserting chess bishop, positioning precission is still at high level, and we see no vibration when it rotates.

  2. Everything looks very slow. Safety distance before cutting starts is always like 2-3mm .. much time waste. Surface looks ugly and feedrate looks slow. Also the cutting goes to the wrong direction. Everyone prefers concurrent milling 🙂 Sorry for the critics 😀

  3. Judging by the size of the rook along side the tech's hand . . . . and the cost of aluminum . . . . and the labour . . . . I'd have to say a complete set would run close to $45 000. 

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