CNC Automation – How can a robot load a CNC turning machine?

CNC Automatisering | BMO Platinum Frontloader loading an Doosan Puma 2100SY

The BMO Platinum Frontloader is our innovative solution to load any brand of lathe through the front door. This can be done directly on the main spindle but also on the sub spindle. Safety is guaranteed by a fence with a light screen or a floor scanner.

Both products and collets can be used and unloaded by the robot. With 7 robust product drawers you have a high capacity where the drawers can be unloaded and loaded during production. The machining process always continues with a guarantee of a high number of spindle hours.

New robot jobs can be programmed within 1 minute and the BMO JobManager ensures that all tasks are completed in a continuous sequence. Loading can be done with the robot but also with a barfeeder. The robot can attach different grippers so that each product can always be picked up correctly.

Are you ready for an automated future? Optimize your CNC lathe with a BMO automation!

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