Carving a Logo

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Cutting a logo on the Shapeoko 4 CNC machine with the Amana Tool item no. RC-45711 90 degree insert carbide V-Bit.
– – – – – – –
RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 40ipm
Plunge Rate: 20ipm
Max Depth: .3″
#short #shorts

Tools Used:

Shapeoko 4 CNC machine
– – – – – – –
Design Software – Vectric V-Carve Pro –
– – – – – – –
Amana Tool RC-45711 In-Tech Insert Carbide V Groove 90 Deg x 11/16 D x 21/64 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Single Flute Router Bit

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  1. Nice logo! also heres a scary story

    Chapter I: Camping Trip

    This story happened to me during early 2018. My friend Matthew asked If I wanted to go camping on friday. I had nothing to do on the weekends so I said sure. When friday finally came Matthew's mom drove us to the forest and we set up the two tents. The campfire was about to burn out so me and Matthew decided to get some sticks.

    Chapter II: Ghost Of The Forest

    While collecting sticks Matthew ran away screaming I was confused so I chased after him. We managed to get back to the camp and his mom asked "Why were you screaming?". Matthew claimed he saw a ghost lady wearing a black dress, had really pale skin and red eyes. I didn't believe him because I didn't see the ghost and Matthews mom said "This is why I told you not to play these stupid horror games. Now look what happened.". Luckily I managed to grab enough sticks for the campfire so we immedietly forgot about the ghost situation and started roasting marshmellows.

    Chapter III: Forest Nightmare

    After we ran out of Marshmellows we decided to call it a night and sleep but while sleeping I had this dream where I was in the same forest but it was covered in snow. After looking around for a bit I saw the same ghost Matthew had seen so I ran around trying to avoid that ghost and after running for a long time I slipped on what looked like a frozen lake and something caught my eye but I couldn't tell what it was. I went closer on the ice making sure I wouldn't slip and after getting a closer look I saw a garbage bag. I was confused but then I woke up.

    Chapter IV: Ghost In A Bag

    I woke up really early about 5 AM or 6 AM and Matthew and his mom were still asleep. I was thirsty so I decided to go to the lake nearby to drink some water but I saw a garbage bag wash by the shore of the lake I thought "Who the hell throws garbage in the lake?" so I decided to check what it was but it smelled horrible. I opened it anyway and I found a mutilated body and a severed head of what looked like the ghost in my dream. I ran back to the camp and told Matthew's mom about it.

    Chapter V: The Horrible Truth

    We went back to Matthew's house and we called the police. They arrived quickly and we showed them the garbage bag and they managed to arrest the killer. Turns out the ghost's real name is "Lucy" and she was happily married to her killer but it wasn't happy for long. Lucy suffered through Domestic Violence and one night her husband accidently killed her. The scumbag didn't want to go to jail so he cut her body up, put the remains in a garbage bag and dumped it in the lake.

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