Building my own CNC Mill

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*How much did it cost?
I hope to finnish it under 10K. The grounded steel plates where a big part of the cost. So if you have access to a big mill or surface grinder. you can reduce that price a lot

*How long did it take:
I made it in 5 months, on and off. between stuff

*Would I recommend building your own cnc mill?
No, only if you like really like to build one, not just own one.

*Whats that drill?
It’s a magdrill. It sticks with a electro magnet to the surface your drilling in. Its a great tool for stuff like this but has somewhat limited use.

*Whats up with the plc?
Thats just a siemens powersupply 🙂

*CAD file:
fusion 360 file: (Warning: It’s more an initial sketch than a complete plan. I did a lot of changes when i started to build this)

bt30 spindle and servos are bought an aliexpress
35mm rails (Hiwin) + 25mm ballscrews /5mm pitch (ISEL) bought with a local supplier.
Flat grounded plates: came from misumi
controler: edingcnc iCNC600

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Sonata no. 11, K. 331
Performer: European Archive (public domain recording)


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