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Best Design Software Review For CNC Routers & Projects – Garrett Fromme

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This video tutorial is a review of CNC router design software, and discusses what is the best design software for CNC routers, especially if you are a CNC beginner. There are many design software packages available. There is free and paid software you can use.

this video discusses the pros and cons of the 5 most common design software CNC router users use. They are Easel, Carbide Create, Fusion 360, Carveco Maker and Vectric Vcarve, and Aspire.

There are many other design software packages people use. Many do not have the CAM feature,. Using these may be helpful, but require you to use multiple software to accomplish what these 5 will do in one package.

Topics covered are free versus paid, subscription versus own, and online (web-based) versus offline. Here’s to an amazing CNC router creation experience!

PDF with all IDC videos in order
To download click here now → https://bit.ly/3ENiNX0
Recommended Design Software
Vcarve Pro (RECOMMENDED)→ https://bit.ly/3d4WrEU
Vcarve Desktop → https://bit.ly/3D4CwjH
Vectric Aspire → https://shrsl.com/37pw9
Cut2D Desktop → https://shrsl.com/36xfm
Carveco → https://bit.ly/37rhVbY
Design software websites
Vectric → https://www.vectric.com/products
Carveco → https://store-us.carveco.com/?ref=IDCWOODCRAFT
Fusion 360 → https://autode.sk/3nUUu2P
Easel → https://www.inventables.com/technologies/easel
Carbide Create → https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/

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Videos to watch as mentioned in this video
How to avoid a bad CNC purchase → https://youtu.be/R8u4RGPPz-8
All about router bits tutorial → https://youtu.be/wdQ-_hllmKY
Longmill CNC router review → https://youtu.be/rqKwcqHdSPw
Beginners first project (house number sign) → https://youtu.be/C46zguYGM-o
How to design the right way (flag w/ eagle) → https://youtu.be/7069FGnt7WQ
Larger carves (lion carving) → https://youtu.be/L-mCsobn0nc
How to do inlays (feather) → https://youtu.be/Naxq3SbQH50

Beginners first project (house number sign) → https://youtu.be/C46zguYGM-o
Other items mentioned in this video
60° knife v-bit → https://bit.ly/3EYNZD5
30° knife v-bit → https://bit.ly/3q5DZDu
Excellent YouTube channels you MUST subscribe to
Michael Mezalick:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbNjMy30CpjYJFLe3otATUw
Mark Lindsey: https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkLindsayCNC
LONGMILL CNC ROUTER WEBSITE: https://sienci.com/?ref=IDCWoodcraft
→ 8-pc carbide CNC router bit set (w/ free vector files) https://bit.ly/3d1iQnF
→ 1” Surfacing bit required for surfacing your spoil board: https://bit.ly/2QEYLKz
***Use this discount code (SURFACING BIT)
→ Calipers: https://amzn.to/338MAt3
→ Hearing protection (plugs don’t work): https://amzn.to/2Hs1RgW
Starbond CA Glue Products
GET 10% OFF when you use this discount code: IDCWOODCRAFT
Starbond link: https://bit.ly/3g81RRU
Unique PNG’s and SVG’s and other designs for you to create
Vexels → https://www.vexels.com/?ref=idcwoodcraft
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CNC FOR BEGINNERS PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/cnc-for-beginners
Garrett Fromme
Facebook: https://fb.me/IDCWoodcraft
Website: www.idcwoodcraft.com
Email: support@idcwoodcraft.com


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  1. On online vs. offline: like you, I tend to favor offline software, but there are some significant advantages to the browser-based online software. Two of the biggest are that you have access to, and can work on, your designs wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection; and that there's no need to install anything on your computer. The former is helpful if you travel and/or work on more than one computer; the latter is helpful for a number of reasons, one of the bigger ones being that you're using something other than Windows.

  2. Garrett, you are a wealth of knowledge Sir! I am learning as if feeding from the fire hose .. Well done Sir. Your techniques and teaching method is easy to follow and very informational! Thank you.

  3. Wow! Bad English "it don't" vs "it doesn't". Maybe you should script your video session before shooting. In general your knowledge about the products you're not promoting/using is also sub par.

  4. Garrett, you have said free is poor quality. Quality vs features being limited are not the same thing. Quality is bugs or issues or user experience, not limited features. Next, free vs paid when you buy outright you are limited to a length of time for upgrades or bug fixes to the program; where as subscription is always up to date with releases for upgrades or fixes.

  5. I'm a complete newbie, and I have been using Easel pro 30-day trial because that is what Yora recommended. After watching this video, I was going to try Vectric because of the training available, and it looks like it has more features I might use in the future. One thing I like better about Easel pro is I don't have to send the design to gSender control software to run the project because that is built right into Easel, so now I don't know what I want to do LOL

  6. Great video, as usual. Question for you… the Vcarve desktop is limited to a 24 x 24 work area and that is what my Yora silverback is, but can you set up a project that carves in tiles that would allow you to carve a porch sign.

  7. I want to use the vcarve software but I am weary about not being able to use it with my Shapeoko. Can I use the Vcarve to control my Shapeoko or do I still have to use Carbide motion. If I still have to use Carbide motion do I need a program to transfer it from Vcarve to the Carbide motion. Can I still do tool changed with Vcarve. So may Questions, but Vcarve is a big purchase for a beginner knowing nothing at all.

  8. This is Brilliant, I’m doing heaps research and I’m just about to purchase a router. It will be a cheapie for me to learn with and just becoming financial again after Covid, thanks for this. Have just subscribed so I can begin to learn

  9. Hi garret
    Parm this side from india
    My teacher recommended me your channel yesterday and i have watched almost 15-20 videos and they are super informational
    I need your guidance i am planning to move to canada for my studies
    So what software or skills should i learn to get “part time” jobs related to cnc in Toronto
    Plz guide me i have only 3-4 months left
    As i dont want to work as a labour
    I am keen in something related to design i have just started learning Solidworks
    Plz share ur valueable experience as i would help me a lot
    Thanks in advance because i know you will answer my question

  10. Hello there. Very in depth. Saves so much research and money. One question, if I get vectrec pro that does 3d can I import 3d models without aspire? Is there a robust 3d model marketplace? Can you easily upgrade and downgrade with vectric?

  11. I guess the question I would like to have answered is, what are the metrics for service uptime/downtime for the online programs. I have very robust service and rarely have an interruption with my service. So the vulnerability for me would be the actual downtime from the program provider. This stuff should be cloud based so the software should basically not go down except a very rare widespread event.

  12. Did you notice that you convienetly left out the cost of Ventric. Whereas you compared pricing on the others. So this leads to being a sales tactic of getting people to the website. This makes you a sales Rep for this company.

  13. Hi Garrett. I've been using Punch! ViaCad Pro 9 on my laser. It's a 2D / 3D cad program. Could this be used on a CNC machine ? The software is buy to own, Much, Much Less than $500.00

  14. subscription you get latest and greatest…buy outright you have to pay for new versions….updates…i have vectric vcarve pro…from 10 yrs ago… i was watching how to's and was confused…mine doesnt do that…

  15. Great info for beginners, especially for someone who knows "NOTHING" about CNC. Just bought a 1610 engraving CNC to test the waters and it's not looking so good. The free Candle software included in the kit does not want to communicate with the hardware. Communication port is open, but not controllable through my laptop. It looks like this attempt at CNC will be a bust….again.

  16. Been looking at a few CNC options. I want something mid sized (30"x30") strictly for
    wood, don't need metal work done. I have been looking at Longmill MK2, YoraHome Silverback and Shapeoko Pro XXL
    . My biggest concern is getting one and then finding out it's too complicated to use. I assume I can use free software that can help me over the learning curve and them upgrade to a paid, offline option. Of the 3 manufacturer's I mentioned which would you suggest for the home wood worker looking to to personalize items and mass produce smalls on?

  17. Garrett I think this video is the Best FLAG tutorial I have ever seen… Thank You. I will be referencing this video for a long while…. As always thank you for your mentoring….


  18. I only took one thing from this Video, and that is you are Biased towards what you only know, you could not even demonstrate either Easel or Carbide Create, i have seen some amazing carvings done with both programmes. As a very Noobie 3018 cnc pro owner your Knowledge i understand is Vast, however it is only Vast in what you know and use. Until i know and understand the Basics i shall stick to Free just to gain some knowledge and this is what you should be advising for CNC starter people, not Promoting what you know and Obviously like. However Very informative and full of Great advice. Thumbs up.

  19. Thanks your videos are very informative & are great help. I'll be getting my CNC Tuesday & can wait to start making wood into memories for someone. Plus I'm going to buy the software Pro.

  20. Hey, just a guick question: if i buy the vetric desktop can I upgrade to pro, later, by paying the difference or do I have to buy the whole thing again at full price? -thanks

  21. Great video.And a new subscriber. Where would lightburn be in this category? I've heard about being able to control a spindle w/it. I'm using it already for a laser but not sure about switching back and forth? Hobby/diyer hoping for the big time and it's a program that I have paid for. Thanks.

  22. One bit of feedback: VCarve's con was inconvenient buttons? Nah, man…A $700 pricetag is the con. I thought it was going to be about $300 and was going to eat the cost and buy it. But $700?

  23. Rewatching after running into a major roadblock trying to v-carve inlays with Fusion 360. I agree with you that Fusion360 is probably more powerful and complicated than what the average hobbyist needs, but I like CAD and don't mind the learning curve at all. But v-carve inlays is Fusion's Achille's heel. It just can't do them and that is what I'm most interested in. So here I am, getting ready to abandon a powerful yet free software option. grrrr. /just venting in comment section.

  24. I would also like to use the Vectric software when my Longmill gets here but to start out, 660 euros excluding taxes for the pro version is a bit expensive atm. Since the Longmill is 30×30 inches and the Vectric Desktop only processes 24×24 inches, I would definately need the pro otherwise I can't use the full size of my longmill. I'd need to convince my wife somehow to spend another 800 euros or so for that software besides the 1700 euros for the longmill. Just looking at the website of Carbide Create, it seems they also have Vcarving in there, so I'll give that a try first.

  25. Thanks for all your videos! After beating my head against my cnc proprietary software, and then Fusion 360 – I tried Vcarve due to your videos and recommendations, then recently purchased Vcarve Desktop through your link. It's only been a few days, but absolutely no regrets. You're awesome!

  26. I decided to rewatch this. The difference between carve and aspire?
    If I want to utilize two or three 3D clip art pieces in order to produce a nature scene, for instance, a stag head up front with several trees in the back, a mother deer with her fawn in the background. This would possibly use five or six cliparts. Am I able to produce that in V-Carve?
    I think Carvco will do that.

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