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Awesome New CNC Lathe Drill!

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This inexpensive Shars drill ALSO bores and faces! An AWESOME tool! Using CCMT or CCGX inserts means it works great on both steel and aluminum! Kicking twist drills to the curb!
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Shars Mini Drill: http://ebay.to/1RFFzQE
Red Organizing Bins: http://ebay.to/1QtfHcY
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  1. Just wondering if anyone has some tips on how to program this tool in Fusion 360. I would like to use it for initial drill and then continue boring with the same setup. In my head the drill operation requires tool offset to be centerline of the holder like a drill bit, but then when i go to bore the tip of the insert is offset from centerline…Losing my mind at the moment.

  2. Good vids.
    Note, The polished inserts for aluminum are not needed. Just use regular steel inserts, they break the chip better. Sharp polished inserts leave a great finish, but dont break a chip well unless pushed hard.
    Sandvik u-drills are great for punching fast holes in almost any material.
    Agree, put a flat on that drill, after you clock it 180 degrees. Run tools upside down.

  3. Check out Coromant 880-series drills, we use them all the time and they have inserts for almost every material like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium etc etc. I think the smallest 880-drill goes down to like 14 mm (little more than 1/2")

  4. Although they will not do a square corner I use ultradex drills on my cnc lathe and they work great. Drill and then rough boring before switching to a heavy metal boring bar for finishing the bores. On the other hand my smallest ultradex is .625. I have never bought them from shars but I did notice they also sell the ultradex line. These drills are made in the USA also which is nice.

  5. I like your videos, just in case you didn't know you should have faced from top of part down. I used similar tools from name brand tool makers and are great for multi tasking. Thanks showing a cheap source of tooling for drill/bore tools

  6. I have the 5/8 version of this tool, running on the same 15l slant Pro lathe. I haven't had much success with it though. When drilling the back side of the insert always cracks (probably from rubbing). Cutting recommendations for it are not available from Shars and they don't seem to understand when I send them a message asking about it. And, Path Pilot and CAM software are not liking the tool being able to do more than one type of operation. It makes a good boring bar though.

  7. set it up with the insert oriented like a boring bar, and on center like a drill. use the recommended feed/speed provided by the manufacturer. you try what you did in the video on a harder material and you gonna destroy that cub drill. LOL, you making machinists giggle …..


    I've ordered from them a bunch of times, almost every time they shorted me one thing or another. Never said anything about backorders on the packing slip, they just didn't send the stuff. I called and they would send the stuff right out, no big deal. BUt my last two orders they shorted me as usual, but now they don't respond to emails. I called them and they offered to send the missing parts… but never did. Called again, they promised to credit the cost. You guessed it… they didn't.


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