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I finally did what everyone was asking for, I machined all the parts of the 3D printed CNC out of aluminium. I used both 10 mm and 6 mm flat stock to machine all the mechanical parts and then I used a lot of elbow grease to make the borders nicer. Drilled and taped al the holes by hand but I positioned them with small marks made with the CNC. Before the change was very difficult to make the walls cut by the bit perfectly vertical because of the flex of the entire structure. After the modification the walls are perfectly vertical as far as I can tell. I also reinforced the Y axis rail beams with two more vertical posts on each side and swapped the bridge aluminium beams for steel ones. An extra benefit of this change is that I can push the motors a little bit further now as the aluminium brackets help a lot with heat dissipation were the 3D printed parts melted. There are a few improvements that still can be made, like the vacuum hood which now sits too high and does almost nothing but this is now a machine that performs extremely well for my needs. Now let’s thing of things that I can make with this machine or projects that I can bring back for a more metallic finish 😉 Leave your ideas in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

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