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60 HP Makino | Incredible Machining on Titanium Aerospace Part | OptiRough

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  1. I’m curious what the total runtime was for this job ?. And for sure the quality of end mill makes all the difference. I work for a shop that used to buy these damn end mills called monster mills. Omg they sucked. We now use hanita. Which are better. And hanita isn’t even a great tool. I had a 1/2 kenametal in my tool box that I used forever. It finally got worn out ??‍♂️. I think if we had more responsible people in the shop they would switch to something good. But people aren’t responsible and really don’t take care of the tooling. Which is a shame

  2. Thanks man you are inspiring and also letting the public see that every thing we touch,eat,fly,drive, starts in the machine shop. My grandfather made springs for the war effort,my dad was a machinist and true craftsman with vision to see and solve engineering issues. I am as well as my son now are machinist. My dad and I would joke and say “have to people live without their own machine shop” lol. I miss him.
    I have that vision. I find it hard to believe that people just can’t imagine and see in the minds eye the part and instantly visualize the different ways to go after getting that part done. And have it come out right.
    Id like to get into cam more but i am small and my Kitamura is a 96 machine with almost no memory. Lol. Drip feed i hear is an option. Can you share some rough $ numbers on cutters, 150# pc of titanium and part prices, hours in shop. Just ballparks. You mentioned a million a month. There is that.
    Thank you again. Dana

  3. Love the Makino-Leblond machine….many years ago when I have my shop(late 80's early 90's) I was torn between the Makino and the Yasda….I chose the Yasda with the Fanuc 7M with a pallet changer….it was an awesome machine and even the President and owner of Yasda came to see the installed machine running….I'm a mold maker by trade and I wanted repeatability hold true position at .0005….really tight and the machine did it….just shy of jig grinding which we could of gotten the head for the machine but the chip dust would eventually damage the machine and that was not acceptable for us….

  4. 人間が間違いを犯さない限り、マキノは確実に良い仕事をする‼︎ チタン合金6A4Vは微笑みながら削れ?
    そうすれば上手くいく?    うちの下手な奴は燃やした事がある??

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  6. Man you should run some high performance Schultz tools end mills. Those things will double the speed on that Kennametal and tool life at the same time. I'm serious they are twice as good at least. Try the AT-4 for steel or the ART-3 for aluminum and you'll never go back to Kennametal

  7. The droning noise of the cutter's flutes hitting the part must impart a lot of vibration into the machine. I wonder how it's damped to avoid affecting the surface finish. Maybe the machine itself is just so rigid that its natural frequency is always higher than the mill's flute impacts.

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