2021 New Small CNC Lathe Machine for Wood Turning

2021 new CNC lathe machine is equipped with wood turning tool, wood cutting tool, wood drilling tool, and inner hole digging tool. The CNC wood turning lathe machine can complete all your work in one step

The CNC wood lathe machine can be used for wood cylinder, wood bowls, wood cups, wood vases, table legs, beads, barrels, buddha heads, gourd pendants, wood pens, other wood arts and wood crafts

If you want to get one similar CNC wood lathe machine or need more information about the CNC lathe machine for woodworking, please email us to export10@stylecnc.com
For quickly response, online chat way is available by Skype: Carol Liu or Whatsapp: +86-15969696073. You can also check more from our official website: https://www.stylecnc.com/wood-lathe/

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