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⚙️ Hypnotic CNC Machining and Milling | Most Satisfying Machines #2

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Welcome to our long awaited follow up to Magic Cutting Tools / CNC Machining & Milling Compilation.
We care about our viewers and would love to hear any and all of your feedback 🙂

Music used:
Wiljan & Xandra – Woodlands
AK – Lovestory
Sappheiros – Dawn

Welcome to Machine World! This brand new YouTube channel aims to bring you the very best and most interesting compilations and videos about heavy machinery such as heavy duty lathes, CNC milling, German CNC routers, metalworking, gears, industrial equipment and vehicles and much more!

In this CNC machine compilation you will see a variety of magic cutting tools in full HD, accompanied by chill and hypnotic background music. Our goal is to make it truly satisfying to watch these mesmerizing computer controlled machines work on metal, and in my opinion, the worlds most satisfying video.

If you’re wondering how these amazing CNC machines work please check out this awesome video made by Concerning Reality.
What is CNC Machining and How Does it Work?

We’ve also been thinking about branching out a bit and trying out some different niches. How about some amazing modern wood lathe machines in Action, or mesmerizing CNC technology woodworking machines? Or how about some videos for the people interested in CNC drilling technology? We don’t know, what do YOU think?

Here are some other videos we found really interesting, please check them out 🙂
HYPNOTIC Video Of Modern CNC Wood Carving Machine in Action – Latest Woodworking CNC Technology
Amazing Modern Wood Lathe Machine in Action, Fastest CNC Technology Woodworking Machines #2
USA CNC Milling Technology – Discover heavyweight productions part 4
Amazing Metalworking CNC Lathe Machine Compilation
I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do This With a Lathe

old machinist trick


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  1. I often wonder watching these videos, what is the durability of some of these bits and mills?
    Machining what looks like billet stainless steel at 12000mm minute feed rate as the once section specified, that HAS to put some wear on things.

  2. erm is it only me finding that 3:17 can be a bit annoying, using insert tool to do side milling level by level is such a waste of time, waste of tool. But how they use 5axis to do the cup is really wow.

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